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My Fictional Bridal Party

My Fictional Bridal Party


I saw this tag on Tashapolis' YouTube channel, who is the creator of this tag, and I immediately wanted to do this myself. I've always love weddings, so I thought it would be really fun to select some book characters to be a part of my fictional bridal party. In her video, Natasha had quite a few characters in her bridal but I think that based on me I would likely have a smaller bridal party. I'm going to go with three bridesmaids and one maid of honour. So let's get to it!

Charlie Grant (Bridesmaid) - Save the Date by Morgan Matson

This wouldn’t be Charlie’s first wedding because she already had the challenge of doing some major damage control for her sister’s wedding in Save The Date. Charlie would be the bridesmaid that I would count on to help think up a solution when the band cancels last minute or someone brought the wrong decorations. And I would also have an excuse to invite all the Grant siblings to the wedding!

Lara Jean Song (Bridesmaid) - To All The Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han

I feel like Lara Jean and I would bond over a shared love of baked goods. If she’s not making the cake (let’s be honest, we might be too busy), she would know all the best places to go cake tasting. She would also help me plan out the most epic late night dessert table that I absolutely insist on having at my wedding. 

Elle Wittimer (Bridesmaid) - Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Elle and I would totally be able to geek out over science fiction, as her favourite show Starfield reminds me a little bit of Star Trek, which is my favourite show. She wouldn’t necessarily have as specific of a role as the other girls in my bridal party, but I think she could lend a much needed helping hand when things get crazy or I lose a shoe.

Abby Suso (Maid of Honour) - Simon versus the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Leah on the Offbeat 

Being the star student and fantastic friend that she has been in both books, I think Abby would be a fabulous maid of honour. She is able to take charge and manage time, so she would be the type of maid of honour that makes sure you get stuff done and stay on track for the big day. This would also mean that we would have an in to get Leah’s band to play the wedding and we can all dance like crazy people all night long.

That’s all for my fictional bridal party! Ideally, these characters would be in their 20s if they were to be in my bridal party or else they won’t be able to drink at my bachelorette party. Let’s just pretend they are.

Complete side note to end this off: I want Magnus Bane to plan my wedding! 

Coming up Sunday, Ben and I have a our next #SBPT post on his blog, so be sure that you’re following him. 

Until next time, have a lovely rest of your day and read something awesome! 

Paige x


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