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Summer Blog Promo Tour: Recommending Books to Each Other

Summer Blog Promo Tour: Recommending Books to Each Other

Hi there, everyone! This week Ben and I are recommending books to each other. We've each chosen three books to recommend to the other person, so without further ado, here are the books!

Paige's Recommendations for Ben

Every Heart a Doorway (The Wayward Children series) by Seanan McGuire

These books are really great if you feel a slump coming on and you need a quick read to boost you out of it. The Wayward Children series plays on the idea that children are more open to magic and because of this find their door to a different world that is more suited for them, whether that be the land of the Lord of the Dead or a Non-sense world made entirely out of confections. However, sometimes these children end up either accidentally leaving or being forced to leave these worlds but still don’t feel like they belong in our world. This is how they end up in Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward children. This series is very whimsical and follows a diverse cast of characters, with each book in the series following one of the different wayward children. It’s definitely becoming one of my favourite series and I hope Ben will enjoy it as well.

Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh

When we hear about YA books that take place in a historical setting, most of the time they are set in England or another part of Western Europe. This is starting change, but I thought it was both refreshing and exciting for a book to be set in feudal Japan. I don’t believe I’ve told Ben this, but my Bachelor’s degree is in Japanese Language and Culture, so I was very excited by this book and recommend it to everyone.

Essentially, this book is about a young girl named Mariko, who is arranged to be married and who has little to say in her future, because she's a girl born to a wealthy samurai family. On the journey to meet her future husband, Mariko's convoy is attacked by a dangerous group of bandits who had tried to kill her. Mariko is the only survivor and decides to disguise herself as a boy to infiltrate and take her revenge on those who had tried to kill her.

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

The first book in the series has had some mixed reviews, but the series overall is one of my favourites by Marie Lu, which is why I wanted to recommend it. What makes this series really interesting is that our protagonist is intended to be more of a villain, but she’s written in a way that makes you kind of feel that you could be on her side. I really enjoyed that this series was told from a perspective that wasn't wholly good, which is why I wanted to recommend this book.

This series follows Adelina Amouteru who is one of the survivors of the blood fever, which had killed a large number of the population and left children with strange markings and scars. These survivors are referred to as malfetto and her cruel father believes that she is an abomination ruining their family's fortune. However, there is rumoured to be malfetto with unique abilities, called the Young Elites. When Adelina is found by a group of Young Elites called the Dagger Society, they find that she had dark abilities that shouldn't belong to this world.

Ben's Recommendations for Paige

Ida - Alison Evans

Paige said she mostly centers around sci-fi and fantasy so this was the first book that came to mind. Ida is one of my all time favorites. It's about a girl in Melbourne who has the power to jump back in time and uses it to fix mistakes she's made. However, the more she uses this power the more she realizes something's not right. It has such an interesting plot and a diverse cast that I think Paige would be really into!

Like Water - Rebecca Podos

She also mentioned that she's been on a contemporary kick, so here's one that I just finished myself! Vanni feels trapped in her home town, because that's the pattern of everyone so lives there. It feels like no one escapes La Trampa. In trying to run away from feeling like she has no future and the fear she feels for herself and her father after he's diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, she meets Leigh, who makes her question everything she thought was set in stone. I LOVE this story so much and it really hit home for me but in a good way, and I think Paige would love it too.

When The moon Was Ours - Anna-Marie McLemore

Would it really be an Ace Of Bens Rec List if I didn't add a McLemore book? The writing style is beautiful and it's written in a very fairy tale-esque way. It follows Sam and Miel who are outcasts in their town and are suddenly wanted by the evil Bonner sisters when they hear a rumor that putting one of the roses that grows from Miel's wrists under their pillow at night will make all the boys love them. Based on some of her previous reads, I think Paige would enjoy this story!

Next week is the last week for the Summer Blog Promo Tour and we'll be wrapping up our experience on both our blogs, so be sure that you're following both of us on Twitter for when those go up. Mine is @apaigetweeter and Ben's is @AceOfBens.

I have a lot of personal tasks and school-related things to do this week, so I will only be posting once this week on Friday, but I hope to be back up to my regular Tuesday and Friday schedule the following week.

Until next time, have a lovely rest of your day and read something awesome!

Summer Blog Promo Tour: Wrap Up

Summer Blog Promo Tour: Wrap Up

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