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June 2019 TBR

June 2019 TBR

We’re already ten days into June, so I’m a tad late on my TBR. I haven’t been writing TBRs this year because whenever I did, I wasn’t able to stick to the plan due to my reading slump. But I think I’m ready to make a, albeit loose, plan. So let’s do this—here is my June TBR!

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

All American Boys is a novel told from two perspectives, Rashad’s and Quinn’s. One Friday night, Rashad is the victim of police brutality for doing absolutely nothing and Quinn, who knows the cop, witnesses the beating and begins to realize that being silent is taking the side of racism. The events of Friday night split the school and causes people to confront the fact that racism and prejudice still exists post-civil rights movement.

Ever since I listened to Jason Reynolds speak on a panel at last year’s Book Con, I’ve been interested in picking up his books and I finally did this month. I finished listening to this on audiobook at the beginning of this month, so I’m including this to say, “Yay I finished a book already!” I’ll cover more thoughts in my wrap up at the end of the month, but overall, this book was incredibly impactful.

When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds

When I Was the Greatest follows Ali and his two close friends—Noodles and Needles. Noodles is always looking for trouble, which forces Ali to fix his messes. Needles, Noodles brother, has a syndrome that causes him to have ticks and blurt out words, but everyone in the neighbourhood knows that he doesn’t mean anything he says. Everything is fine until the three friends find themselves in a situation where the people around them aren’t as friendly as the people in their neighbourhood.

I’m also listening to When I Was the Greatest on audiobook and the narrator is really easy to listen to, so I’m already flying through it. I hope to finish it within the next couple days and be able to include it in my wrap up.

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

June 2019 TBR King of Scars.JPG

King of Scars is Leigh Bardugo’s latest book in the Grisha world, and it takes place after the events in the Six of Crows duology. Because it’s a spin-off, there isn’t a lot that I can say without spoilers, but I’m already about 200 pages through, and I’m excited to see where the story goes next.

I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

June 2019 TBR I Wish You All the Best.JPG

I Wish You All the Best follows our main character, Ben De Backer, who is thrown out of their house after they come out to their parents as non-binary. They end up having to move in with their sister, Hannah, who has been estranged and her husband, Thomas, who Ben has never met. Because of what had happened with their parents, they have only come out to Hannah, Thomas and their therapist, and they decided to try and keep a low profile at school. This is thrown out the window when they meet Nathan Allan and the two become close, and Ben begins to believe that there could be hope after everything they’ve experienced.

I’ve been excited to pick up this book for quite a while, so I’m prioritizing reading after I’ve finished King of Scars.

These are the books that I’m hoping to get to this month. I’m actually hoping to get to a couple of more, but we’ll see. What books are you excited to read this month? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, have a lovely rest of your day and read something awesome!

Paige x

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