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Top 5 Tips to Conquer a Reading Slump

Top 5 Tips to Conquer a Reading Slump

As many of you know, I have struggled with a reading slump for most of 2019 thus far. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I feel like I’m starting to come out the other end and read more consistently. I tried a few different methods that I found worked, so I wanted to share my top five tips to beating the reading slump.

One: If you’re not feeling it, put it down and pick up another

Sometimes it’s just not the right time to read a specific book. It’s not necessarily because something’s wrong with that particular book—you’re just not feeling it!

During my reading slump, I think I started reading four or five books before I finally settled on something that I finished. As people in the book community, there is often this pressure that we put on ourselves to push through a book, regardless of whether you’re enjoying it. Reading is meant to be enjoyable, so don’t be afraid to put a book down and pick up something new.

Two: Pick up a book you’re highly anticipating

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Sometimes what you need to kick the slump is something shiny and new, and what is shinier than one of your anticipated releases. Preferably one that’s already on your physical TBR, but the important thing is that it’s a book that you have been excited to pick up.

Picking up an anticipated release helped me kick start my reading again when The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu got published. I had been highly anticipating this book since Cassandra Clare announced it and it featured one of my favourite couples from YA fiction, so there was enough excitement that I was able to focus and immerse myself in the world.

Three: Return to a favourite book or genre

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Sometimes, nothing gets you back into reading like revisiting a favourite. We may have TBR piles that are ever growing, but there’s no shame in re-reading something, particularly if it’s a book that you love. This is not a method that I used to get me out of my last reading slump; however, I have used it in the past. I’ve revisited Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone a few times, and it’s a book that I can count on to spark my reading because it’s one that started my love of reading in the first place. Also, how gorgeous is this 20th anniversary Ravenclaw edition?

Four: Try a different format

I am a huge advocate for trying different ways to consume stories and, while physical books are still my favourite, audiobooks are extremely helpful for me when I’m stuck in a rut. I had never listened to a book on audiobook probably until after I had graduated from uni because they used to only be available on cassette or CD and they were expensive. Audiobooks are now more accessible and less expensive, so they’re often my go-to if I have a long drive. I love and use an app called Libby, which connects to your library card at your local library and enables you to borrow audiobooks and e-books without going anywhere.

Five: Make reading an experience

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This tip is pretty open, but what I mean by making reading an experience is to make sitting down to read a little more special. Maybe you’ve made your self a cup of tea, you’re snuggling up in fresh bed sheets, or you’ve disconnected from your phone. One of the things that I love doing is running a bath and doing a face mask (my go-to combo at the moment is the Intergalactic Bath Bomb and Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask from Lush Cosmetics). You don’t have to do much, but do whatever makes you feel like you’re able to disconnect from the things that may be distracting you and create a reading-friendly atmosphere.

Those are my top five tips for conquering your reading slump. That said, there’s nothing wrong with being in a reading slump—sometimes you have to let it happen and putting pressure on it will only make you associate negative feelings with reading. We’re all here on the internet talking about books because we love reading and it’s more about taking steps to help you be able to do something you love, rather than forcing it.

What are your top tips for conquering a reading slump? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, have a lovely rest of your day and read something awesome!

Paige x

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